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The Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum remains under restrictions until further notice due to COVID -19 pandemic. Once we are able to open we will post details of dates and times.

Please contact one of the directors or email with any concerns or information.

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Greetings from Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum

The November newsletter is now available. The fall weather has been wonderful. The museum has now been winterized and we will continue to meet over the next few months to prepare for 2022. We hope the museum will be reopened next spring.

With help from Communities Futures Greenstone, we hired 3 students to complete the painting of the sea-can, which will augment our storage space. Other work has been done as described in the September newsletter. The students are shown re-staining the church benches and reorganizing the kitchen. The Green Team, Alyssa Leslie, Ray James and Ronnie Guiboche and Sid Mac, the supervisor, assisted with moving items, reorganizing, general clean up etc. Was a pleasure working with these young people & they were more than willing to help us with anything we asked them to do.

The Museum was highlighted on Winnipeg, CTV Morning Live with Rachel Lagace on July 27th from 6 a.m to 9 a.m. via Skype. There is a link on the Museum facebook page.

Special arrangements can still be made for visits by contacting any of the directors.

Membership renewals are due. If you are not yet a member, please consider joining the Museum. Membership details here.

The museum has a wall of Family History booklets completed by many of the Cranberry Portage families and these are very popular to visitors. If you have not submitted yours, Family History Questionnaires are available from the Museum.

Over the years the Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum has received donations from individuals/businesses In Memory of a Loved One. These have been acknowledged on our Donations Page. The executive has now decided to separate these from the regular Donations and will be making up a new acknowledgement book and these donations will be posted yearly on our Website and Facebook page.

Ted Playford recently passed away. Although staying on the sidelines, Ted played an important part in the establishment of setting up the museum and its continued success. He has volunteered and helped out with many of the projects as well as supporting his wife and our Curator, Mary-Ann over the years. His knowledge of artifacts and past history of the area and people who have contributed to the building of Cranberry Portage has been shared with many of us.

Due to the recent passing of our friend and mentor, Ted Playford, donations, with the consent of his family, are welcome to be made to the Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum in his memory. In future anyone who wishes to have donations made on behalf of a loved one can contact the Public Relations Officer at and we can work on a notice. Thank you again for your generous donations which are much appreciated in helping out with the expenses of running your Museum.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help out with suggestions or work projects in any way please let one of the directors know. This is your Museum and we need your help. We look forward to seeing everyone as soon as possible. Please stay safe.

- Courtesy of North Of 54 Cinematography, this YouTube video provides a tour of the museum and its many offerings.

- Summers in Northern Manitoba - from TravelManitoba, this YouTube video provides a tour of the museum and its many offerings.


A Quick Tour of the Museum

Canvas-covered cedar canoes were the common form of transportation until the advent of aluminum boats in the 1960s.

Interior of a cabin reconstructed. Living space was cramped, furniture rudimentary, and running water non-existent.

Kicker motor for a canoe, early power saw and other basic tools

Cranberry nurses fondly remembered

Cabinet with beadwork objects

Early telephone

Clothing and equipment from the past

Toys from long ago

Background Articles

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Canada 150 Celebration

June 24, 2017

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