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The Donor Recognition Policy has been developed to recognize all donors in a permanent and consistent manner in accordance to their wishes for recognition or anonymity.

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Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum is a registered Charity Corporation.

All cash donations are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.
Gifts in Kind in accordance with the Registered Charities and Income Tax Act are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.

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The Museum gratefully acknowledges the many wonderful donors who have made the project a great success.

Donations Policy

[The following is an abridged version. The original document will always be the official version.]


15.1 General Introduction:
The Donor Recognition Policy has been developed to honor all donors in a permanent and consistent manner in accordance to their wishes for recognition or anonymity.

15.2 GIFT A gift is a voluntary transfer for which the donor receives or expects nothing in return. A contribution of services (i.e. time, skills, and effort) does not qualify as a gift, since services are not property.) To qualify as a gift all three of the following conditions must be met:

15.3 Donation not classified as a gift: A donation of this nature is called DISPENSION OF SERVICES, time, skills or effort.

15.4 The official receipt provided for the tax consideration will remain the sole responsibility of the Treasurer.

15.5 Dispensation of services will be acknowledged in the manner set out in the Donor Recognition Policies document. No official receipt for tax purposes will be issued.

15.6 All contributions (gifts and dispensation of services) must be acknowledged in a consistent manner. It may include permanent recognition, publicity and/or other honors.

15.7 The Secretary of the Museum Executive will be accountable to see that a letter, card or certificate of appreciation will be issued for each and every donation.

15.8 All contributions will be recorded in a log maintained by the Treasurer (cash), Secretary (gifts in kind) or Museum Curator (artifacts) of the Museum Executive.

15.9 All contributions will be entered into a ' DONOR RECOGNITION BOOK ' available for review by the public.

15.10 The Vice President will maintain the Donor Recognition Book.

15.11 Recognition of a donor’s name in the Donor Recognition book will be the
personal decision of the donor. If the donor so wishes the donation may be
entered as ‘Anonymous Donor’.

15.12 It will be the responsibility of each committee chairperson to keep a record of volunteer hours donated by each committee member. Accumulated hours will be turned in to the Treasurer at each monthly meeting.

15.13 Permanent recognition of a contribution(s) will be based on cumulative annual giving during the fiscal year.


15.15ANNUAL HONOR ROLL OF DONORS”: Based upon the cumulative annual giving within any one fiscal year, an Annual Honor Roll of donors shall be drafted for the Annual Report and given at the Spring General Meeting.

A minimum of two executive members shall confirm the levels of contribution.

Honor Roll of Donors are those that have donated


15.17 Inclusion at the Donor Recognition Site is based on the following minimum criteria:

15.18 Each category of giving will be listed in a separate section at the Donor Recognition site. See clause 15.14.

15.19 Location: The Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum executive shall determine location of the Donor Recognition Site.

15.20 Stewardship: The Vice President (or designate) shall arrange events to honor inductees to the Donor Recognition site.

15.21 Stewardship: The Vice President (or designate) shall maintain the Donor Recognition site

15.22 Donor Recognition Structure:

  Individual or Non-Corporation Organization HOURS Corporation or
Bronze $ 500.00 500 hours $ 5,000.00
Silver $ 1,500.00 1,500 hours $ 7,500.00
Gold $ 3,000.00 3,000 hours $ 10,000.00
Platinum $ 5,000.00 5,000 hours $ 15,000.00
Diamond $10,000.00 10,000 hours $ 20,000.00


15.23 Donor Recognition Structure:

15.24 Donor Recognition Structure: Special Appreciation Recognition plaque: The Executive shall have the authority to choose to recognize a specific fund-raising event where proceeds exceed $10,000.00.

15.25 The design of the Donor Recognition Site shall be decided upon when the Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum building has been obtained.

DONE, PASSED AND ENACTED this 13th day of January 2006.