Portage Heritage Museum

History of the Museum Project

1930s-1960s - Cranberry's first museum was run by Caribou Bill Anger

1978 - Cranberry Portage Homecoming Celebrations:

Photographs and documents were loaned or donated to Cranberry at that time. If at all possible, material on loan was copied. These donations and copies were held in trust for the community.

2001 - Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum

2003 - Cranberry Portage Homecoming Celebrations:

2004 April – Board of Trustees [Executive]

The Museum came under the direction of the newly appointed Executive.

2005 Building Committee (see BUILDING, building acquisition)

Established negotiations for a building to house the Archival Collection and Artifacts.

2004, 2005, 2006 - Fund Raising Events (on-going)

2006 Archival Collection (on-going)

[See Archival Collection]